WINNER of the Edgar Award 2012!
Nominated for Teen Choice Book of the Year
The Silence of Murder

From the Critics:

Paced like a riveting television courtroom drama, with the ultimate conclusive twist, The Silence of Murder is gritty and intense, and it will appeal to readers who appreciate realistic depictions of criminal investigations. Mackall portrays autism with compassion and sensitivity; Hope’s unerring devotion to her brother, and her ability to see beyond his disability, beautifully anchors this novel. School Library Journal


Hope’s first-person narrative pulls readers immediately into the story as she works her way

through clues and false leads to the truth. The well-plotted mystery is intriguing, and Hope’s determined

efforts to solve it have an authentic feel. . . Hope’s compelling voice and the very real sense of danger propel the pace to a solution that will have readers talking. Booklist


Told from Hope’s perspective, this quick-off-the-mark mystery grabs the reader and pulls him in. . . . The pacing is relentless, and …Jeremy’s selective mutism adds a unique twist to the story. The setting is vivid, and believable red herrings litter the path. To her credit, Mackall resists the temptation to make Jeremy a stereotypical autistic teen, and the result is a mesmerizing blend of love, sacrifice, and finding the truth at all costs.—Voya

Random Acts of Reading

 “From acclaimed author Dandi Daley Mackall comes a gripping murder mystery and a dark yet powerfully redemptive story of love, secrets, and silence.”

This…well-written mystery…works as a suspense novel but is also an interesting glimpse into the behaviors of those that are considered “other” in our society. –Random Acts of Reading

Dandy Daley Mackall



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